Why Algebra? And some great news…

Dear HTS Communty:

From the American Diploma Project, “Mastery of advanced mathematics is important for all high school graduates.  A strong base in Algebra I helps to prepare a student for higher-level mathematics like Algebra II.  These higher-level courses improve access to postsecondary education.  Algebra II, for which Algebra I is a prerequisite, includes the advanced content that faculty at four-year institutions say is critical for success…” 

This past spring, HTS 8th grade students completed the American Diploma Project Algebra I End-of-Course Exam and we are thrilled to announce that 100% of our students scored in the Proficient or Advanced Proficient range!  Congratulations to all our students, their parents and teachers as well.  Individual student score reports will be sent home shortly. 


Alex Anemone


2 thoughts on “Why Algebra? And some great news…

  1. I am Harding Township parent and delighted to hear about the school’s commitment to excellence in math. My concern at this time is the recent announcement that the fourth grade class this fall will have 24 students in a single class. This is I direct opposition to the leading statement on the school website proclaiming small class sizes and a “family” atmosphere conducive to learning. This class began as one unit and was divided into two groups mid-year once before. Even if the students are “testing” at a proficient level, it has been well proven and documented that a class size over 20 students (even if there us an aide and even if they are divided for specials) is not productive. To say that I am disappointed in this decision is putting it mildly. Is it your intention to drive this families seeking academic excellence to private schools and/or home schooling? As they would say in third grade, ” I see bad choices being made”. Please fix it. Thank you,
    Bettina Bierly (mother of Brock)

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I saw your original email to Dr. Petersen and he is crafting a response to the entire group. In the meanwhile, I did check our most recent enrollment report and our one section of 4th grade has 23 students. To be sure, that is not a small classroom size, but it is certainly not large either and, ultimately, it is too small to break up. Moreover, a class size of 23 is well within the confines of a “normal” 4th grade class. There are many factors that go into scheduling a school/district and class size is always a major concern at HTS. We must also be cognizant of being prudent with taxpayer money and the cost of splitting one class of 23 into a section of 11 and another section of 12 might not be the most efficient utilization of taxpayer money. Ultimately, we (Dr. Petersen and myself) will be carefully watching this group of students. On a bright note, last year’s Third grade class (also one section) scored very highly on the NJASK; those test scores will be sent home in early September. Lastly, HTS will be deducted points on our QSAC Report for every class size that is smaller that 15.

      Alex Anemone

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