1:1…Here we come?

Deat HTS Community:

Earlier this week at our standing room only Upper School Back to School Night, we announced the formation of a 1:1 Committee.  This group will consist of administrators, parents and teachers and will work towards a goal of examining the feasibility of implementing a 1:1 Program at the Upper School in September, 2012.  Sweeping the nation, 1:1 Programs are designed to place a device (laptop or tablet; pc or mac) in the hands of students and teachers.  Working collaboratively, working outside of the school walls and working beyond the hours of the school day, teachers and students use technology to engage and empower learning anytime and anywhere.  If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact me at HTS; I can be reached at aanemone@hardingtwp.org.  We look forward to partnering with you. 

In the meanwhile, I have been in touch with colleagues in N.J. and around the country and learning from their endeavors.  This is the first step in a thousand mile journey, but together, we will *safely touch home plate.


Alex Anemone

*another baseball metaphor 🙂


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