Open House Tours…coming this Friday.

Dear Harding Township Community:

Autumn is here, the leaves are changing and our students and teachers are settling in to productive routines.  Each day I come into Harding Township School and leave more impressed than the day before.  In addition to preparing our students for their state standardized tests (2011-Grade 8 100% proficient/advanced proficient in math, language arts, science and algebra!) our teachers are committed to teaching the whole child using a variety of approaches designed to build on existing strengths and shore up weaknesses.  Technology, in the form of SMARTBoards (available in every classroom), laptops, SmartTables or desktops, is integrated into most every lesson.  Our Ambassadors of Kindness Program is specifically designed to cater to the social-emotional needs of our children.  Although it is early in the year, I am thrilled to report that our students have responded very positively to this program and, overall, the state of our school is strong. 

We are fully committed to academic excellence and wish to invite Harding Township residents who currently have children registered in a private school to an open house on the following dates: November 4th, December 2nd and January 6th.  At the open house, parents and their children will have an opportunity to meet with school and district administrators, tour the building, observe lessons and ask questions specific to their child.  If you are curious about HTS and would like to learn more, please join us in the Upper School Library/Media Center from 8:30-10:00a.m. on the above dates.  We look forward to meeting with you. 


Alex Anemone 





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