HTS testing data highlights…

Dear HTS Community:

EArlier this week at the Board of Education Meeting, the 2011 Standardized Testing Data (NJPASS, NJASK, ADP Algebra I EOC Exam) was presented to the public as a PowerPoint and is currently available on our website  Although standardized testing represents a brief snapshot of student learning, we believe it is an important diagnostic tool to assist the teaching and learning process. Some highlights include:

  • Grade 3 Math – 96% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 4 Math – 89% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 4 Science – 96% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 6 Math – 97% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 7 LAL – 89% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 8 Math – 100% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 8 LAL – 100% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 8 Science – 100% Proficient/Advanced Proficient
  • Grade 8 Algebra 1 End of Course Exam – 100% Proficient/Advanced Proficient

Although there is (always) room for improvement, we are very proud of our students and teachers for all their hard work last school year.  We are optimistic that 2011-12 will be another banner year for HTS and look forward to partnering with parents to make it happen.  Opportunities for involvement are everywhere: October 21 (8:30-9:30) PTO Meeting, October 24 (7:30p.m.) Board of Education Meeting, October 28 Trunk or Treat and/or Middle School Dance, November 8 (12:00-1:00) Budget Brown Bag Lunch with Dr. Anemone and a 1:1 Committee Meeting on Friday November 18 (8:30-9:30).

If you are interested in some “light reading” in the meanwhile, please check out our 1:1 Wiki


Alex Anemone


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