HTS TV Studio

Dear HTS Community:

Earlier this month, *we submitted a grant to the Harding Township Education Foundation (HTEF) entitled HTS TV Studio.  The grant encompasses HD Cameras, State-of-the-Art Laptop Computers, Cutting-Edge Video Editing Software and much more.  Yesterday, we were notified by the HTEF Board that our grant was approved!  Our team of experts (Mr. Harris and Mr. Manis) will be working with Dr. Petersen to buy all the pertinent items and we will begin filming and editing the first episode of our yet-to-be-named-newscast in early 2012.  If you have a student in grades 6-7-8 and would like for him/her to be involved in this exercise, please email Dr. Petersen  If the response from our student body is overwhelming and we cannot accommodate all interested students, we will provide preference to our 8th graders.

I would like to thank the HTEF Board as well as all of their benefactors for their continued support of Harding Township School.  In times of limited (and sometimes shrinking) resources, it is grants like this that make it possible for us to provide that something extra special for our students.  Moreover, if you have contributed to HTEF Fundraisers over the last few years, THANK YOU as well; we hope you will continue to support their efforts in the coming months and years. Lastly, we are sending out an all-call for suggestions to name our newscast.  If you have an idea, please send it to me via email or via twitter @htssupt. The winner will receive a **$5,000 US Savings Bond.

*Special thanks to Caroline T. and Megan D. for co-presenting this grant to the HTEF Board with me. 

 ** not really, but we hope you will participate anyway.   


Alex Anemone


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