2012-2013 Budget info…

Dear HTS Community:

Yesterday, Harding Township School received notification that our state aid for the 2012-2013 school year will increase to $225,137.  This represents a 24% increase over our state aid from the current (2011-2012) school year.  Although we are thrilled at the increased money, a long-term examination of our state aid reveals a more nuanced trend.

Approximate state aid for Harding Township School is/was as follows:

2009-2010 $360,000

2010-2011 $0

2011-2012 $181,000

2012-2013 $225,000

As you can see, our state aid is trending upwards over the past two years, but is still almost $135,000 less than was received as recently as the 2009-2010 school year.  We are working diligently to craft a budget that is student-centered, fiscally conservative and in the best long-term interests of HTS.


Alex Anemone



4 thoughts on “2012-2013 Budget info…

  1. Thank you for this clear information, definitely better than 2010-11, i hope next year will be, for the school therefore for the students, even better.

  2. Alex, bottom line – great news! Your analysis helps focus on the realities. I remain suspicious of the ” political subtext” with the current trend. As elections grow closer there is a tendency to throw some bones around to keep the peace. Who Knows? It is wise to be realistic as you have indicated to keep in mind the the vulnerable aspect of State Aid.

    This may be the news we need to call a V.C. meeting to maintain focus on the priorities of our districts multi- year plan. Let me know and I will convene the group. Peter

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