Strategic Planning Survey…

Dear HTS Community:

Over the summer months and into next school year, the Harding Township Board of Education and Superintendent will begin to craft a long-term strategic plan for the district.  We are asking stakeholders to participate in the process: Step 1 – a brief (5 minutes) survey.

Your feedback is important to us, please take a moment to participate.  We hope that this brief survey generates feedback that can be used to drive the school district forward.  Our survey lists current (2011-2012) goals and asks for feedback.  2012-2013 goals have not yet been completed.

Follow this link: to participate.


Alex Anemone


Take Your Passion…and Make It Happen*

Dear HTS Community:

Yesterday morning, the PTO voted to support and fund the HTS 1:1 Learning Initiative.  As a result, we will be ordering iPads for all students in grades 5-8 as well as one iPad for every teacher K-8 and an Apple TV for every classroom.  Although momentous (the total grant is over $100,000), the hard work has only begun.  Fortunately, this hard work is also very fun and engaging.  We will be communicating, primarily through this blog, over the summer months and hope you will partner with us throughout the 2012-2013 school year.

In the meantime, we will be configuring the devices and will schedule a parent-student-administrator meeting later in the summer to share pertinent information.  As always, feel free to share in the comments section of this blog or email me directly

Lastly, I would like to offer a special thanks to all committee members for their hard work:

Dr. Darren Petersen, Principal and Director of Curriculum, HTS

Amy Norris, Technology Coordinator, HTS

Tomas Hoffman, S.S. teacher, HTS

Julie Poole, L.A. teacher, HTS

Lisa Werner, L.A. teacher, HTS

Dr. Mike Gervis, Science teacher, HTS

Jim Gast, PeggNet Computers

Toni Congedo, HTS parent

Abby Giordano, HTS parent

Nancy Priscu, HTS parent

Tracey Walter, HTS parent

Linda Kearns, HTS parent

Jen Flanagan, HTS parent

Nanette DiTosto, HTS parent

Craig Grant, HTS parent….and everyone else that assisted in this endeavor.



Alex Anemone

*apologies to Irene Cara

…Never Forget

Dear HTS Community:

Last week, our middle school students (grades 5-8) were treated to a wonderful and educational assembly.  Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Holocaust survivor and author of Four Perfect Pebbles (purchase here) spoke about her childhood in Holland before WWII, her time in the notorious prison camp, Bergen-Belsen as well as her post-war emigration to America.  Our students were very well behaved throughout the assembly and many even had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Blumenthal Lazan questions after her presentation was over.  The entire assembly was recorded by HTS TV Studio personnel and is available here (password: library).

This event was made possible by a HTEF grant and planned by our fifth grade team of Mrs. Galdieri and Mrs. DeCotiis.  On behalf of the student body, please accept a giant thank you for making the event possible.  Consider taking a moment to ask your child about this special assembly.

Alex Anemone