iPad Orientation Update…

Dear HTS Community:

Earlier today, the HTS Tech Team met to discuss implementation.  Some highlights:

    • The student and parent iPad Orientation dates/times have been finalized: August 21 (10:00); August 28 at (10:00, 6:00) and, for the families not returning until Labor Day, September 5 (3:30).  All meetings will be held in the Library/Media Center.  Students will receive their iPad at the meeting.
    • We have established a virtual help desk to assist with technical questions about the iPad and/or general software questions.  Staffed by Mrs. Norris and Mr. Gast, the desk can be reached at helpdesk@hardingtwp.org
    • Staff email will be moving “to the cloud”; the google cloud, that is.  Staff email addresses will remain the same (first initial last name @ hardingtwp.org).  The servers that are hosting our emails are located at the Googleplex in California and are immune to Harding Township power outages…which I learned this year happen with alarming frequency.
    • Students in grades 6-8 will also be receiving an @hardingtwp.org email address.  Their email accounts, however, will be configured to only accept/send emails from/to other @hardingtwp.org email addresses.  That is to say, our students can only send or receive emails to or from their teachers or classmates.
    • The Harding Township School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and iPad Addendum will be sent home along with a to-do checklist; please be on the lookout. For your convenience, that information will also be posted on our homepage.
    • We are almost finished setting up the student iPads. If you would like to recommend one or more educational apps, please contact us at HTS.


Alex Anemone


Save the Date…iPad Orientation

Dear HTS Parents and Middle School Students:

The HTS Technology Team will be offering parents and students a mandatory iPad Orientation session in August.  At these meetings, *iPads will be distributed to students in grades 6-8 and procedures, policies and other pertinent information will be shared as well. Students in grade 5 should attend with their parents, but they will not be taking home their iPads.  To accommodate families’ busy schedules, we are offering four meetings; parents and students will only have to attend one.  Days and times are as follows:

Tuesday, August 21 @ 10:00 – Library/Medial Center

Tuesday, August 21 @ 6:00 – Library/Media Center

Tuesday, August 28 @ 10:00 – Library/Media Center

Tuesday, August 28 @ 6:00 – Library/Media Center

Wednesday, September 5 @ 3:30 – Library/Media Center

If you are unable to attend one of these meetings, please contact us at HTS to make alternate arrangements.

Also of interest, Jim Gast of PeggNet Computers will be presenting Cyber Security and Your iPad at the August 13 Board of Education meeting (7:30 – LMC).  Let the learning begin…


Alex Anemone

*Extra special thanks to the world-famous Harding Township PTO for their support.