iPad Orientation Update…

Dear HTS Community:

Earlier today, the HTS Tech Team met to discuss implementation.  Some highlights:

    • The student and parent iPad Orientation dates/times have been finalized: August 21 (10:00); August 28 at (10:00, 6:00) and, for the families not returning until Labor Day, September 5 (3:30).  All meetings will be held in the Library/Media Center.  Students will receive their iPad at the meeting.
    • We have established a virtual help desk to assist with technical questions about the iPad and/or general software questions.  Staffed by Mrs. Norris and Mr. Gast, the desk can be reached at helpdesk@hardingtwp.org
    • Staff email will be moving “to the cloud”; the google cloud, that is.  Staff email addresses will remain the same (first initial last name @ hardingtwp.org).  The servers that are hosting our emails are located at the Googleplex in California and are immune to Harding Township power outages…which I learned this year happen with alarming frequency.
    • Students in grades 6-8 will also be receiving an @hardingtwp.org email address.  Their email accounts, however, will be configured to only accept/send emails from/to other @hardingtwp.org email addresses.  That is to say, our students can only send or receive emails to or from their teachers or classmates.
    • The Harding Township School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and iPad Addendum will be sent home along with a to-do checklist; please be on the lookout. For your convenience, that information will also be posted on our homepage.
    • We are almost finished setting up the student iPads. If you would like to recommend one or more educational apps, please contact us at HTS.


Alex Anemone


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