Hurricane Sandy…

Dear HTS Community:

Please read our guest blogger of the month, sixth grader Abby D. 

Hurricane Sandy

During Hurricane Sandy, a positive, negative, and interesting thing happened to me. On October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey. In the beginning, it was just very windy, then everyone started losing power.  One positive thing that happened to me during Hurricane Sandy was we got to play lots and lots of games altogether as a family and there was no school. Also my dad bought a generator after the snow storm last year and we are able to run our entire house on it.

One negative thing thing was that there was a lot of destruction and loss of life all over the coast of New Jersey, Staten Island, New York, and parts of Connecticut. On some parts of the coast of New Jersey house floated away into the ocean.

One interesting thing that happened was the gas. We were on route 23 in Pompton Plains and there was a gas line. We counted 122 cars in line for gas. Most people were either getting gas for theirs cars or their generators to heat their home or make the fridge cold. These are the positive, negative, and interesting things that happened to me.