A Cup of Coffee with Kevin McPeek…

We are starting an annual series called “A Cup of Coffee With...” In this blog post, I will be introducing and briefly interviewing our newest staff members.  We have three new teachers joining HTS this year: Sarah Hinds will be teaching fourth grade; Jessica Lydeka will be teaching second grade and Kevin McPeek is our new Phys. Ed. teacher.  In this issue we meet Mr. McPeek.

Why did you select teaching as a career?

I chose teaching because I wanted to help make a difference in young peoples’ lives. I was influenced and guided by many of my former teachers and wanted to do the same.

What was your favorite subject when you were in school?

My favorite subjects in school were Physical Education and History. I was very active playing many sports: soccer, football, basketball and baseball and loved to compete. I also enjoyed History as I found it very interesting learning about the past and comparing it to the present and future.

What is your educational philosophy?

My philosophy when teaching physical education is simple. If students are having fun while being active in my class, they are more likely to have fun being active in their outside daily lives.  I strive to put all students in situations where they have the best chance to succeed while learning and overcoming challenges

Finish this sentence. “When my students come to my class on the first day of school…”

they will find a fun yet structured environment where they will be able to be themselves while being active.

Can you share one special talent or interest that you may have?

I played College Baseball and I am a diehard New York Mets fan.

Bonus question: What is your favorite book?

Money Ball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis.


Alex Anemone


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