A Cup of Coffee With Jessica Lydeka…

We are starting an annual series called “A Cup of Coffee With...” In this blog post, I will be introducing and briefly interviewing our newest staff members.  We have three new teachers joining HTS this year: Sarah Hinds will be teaching fourth grade; Jessica Lydeka will be teaching second grade and Kevin McPeek is our new Phys. Ed. teacher.  In this issue we meet Mrs. Lydeka.

Why did you select teaching as your career?

I always enjoyed and admired the many wonderful teachers I had throughout my own schooling who made learning meaningful, and I knew that I wanted to do the same for others. I find it very rewarding to help students become excited about learning and watch them progress throughout the school year.

What was your favorite subject when you were in school?

My favorite subject was language arts, with a particular interest in literature.  I loved reading and discussing all of the classics and still can’t put down a good book (or Kindle).

What is your educational philosophy?

I believe that students need to be active participants in the learning process and that it is a teacher’s role to motivate students and facilitate their learning while being compassionate and enthusiastic.  

Each child has their own strengths, needs, and ways of learning and should feel that their teacher cares about them.  I believe it’s essential to develop that trust and connection with each child to help them achieve success.   

Finish this sentence. “When my students come to my class on the first day of school…”

I want them to immediately feel that they are in a comfortable learning environment and see that I am very excited to get to know them.  I love to share my personal interests and short stories with students and encourage them to do the same in order to establish a sense of trust.  

Can you share one special talent or interest that you may have?

I played collegiate basketball and was a point guard and three point shooter.  I still love to be challenged in a game of HORSE. 

Bonus question: What is your favorite book for students in second grade?

I absolutely love reading The Tale of Despereaux written by Kate DiCamillo to my students.   It has all of the elements of a perfect fairy tale and can make you laugh, cry and want a bowl of soup. 


Alex Anemone


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