Summer of 2013 Technology Improvements…

September 11, 2013

Dear HTS Community:

In May 2012, the PTO voted in favor of funding the HTS Digital Learning Initiative. As a result, each student in grades 5-8 and every teacher in grades K-8 received a Third Generation iPad (iPad 3) and an Apple TV was installed in every classroom. Although our staff did a great job incorporating these devices into their lessons, at times our wireless system was overloaded, leading to slower than ideal internet speeds. Not this slow, but still.  To rectify the situation, we used a federal grant and completely revamped our wired and wireless internet systems over the summer.

Our Technology Department along with our IT vendor (PeggNet) collaborated with Promedia to walk the hallways and classrooms of both buildings.  As a result, seven old Access Points (APs) were replaced with seventeen new APs. During extensive research, it was decided that a hybrid approach using both *Meraki and Cisco equipment would best suit the needs of our students and staff. The main hardware or “brains” of the Meraki offering is located off campus, best described as “in the cloud.”  This benefit allows HTS the same capabilities of much larger organizations without the costly investment and maintenance of on-campus controller-based systems.

We hope these technological improvements will improve the teaching and learning environment for all our students.


Alex Anemone

*Ironically enough, during the research portion of this project, Cisco purchased Meraki, in part, because of their leadership position in cloud-based offerings.


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