The MAP and our Growth Model…

Dear HTS Community:

Students in grades 2-8 recently completed the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) and their Student Progress Report will be mailed home later this week. This report includes RIT (Rasch unIT) Scores in Math, Reading and *Language Usage as well as your child’s Lexile Range. The RIT Scale is an equal interval scale that measures achievement and growth over time; it has the same meaning or value regardless of the grade or age of the student. Accordingly, the MAP provides an accurate measurement of student growth over time. The bar graphs on your child’s Student Progress Report represent his/her RIT (blue), the district mean (orange) and the national mean (yellow). Unless this is your first administration of the MAP, there will be data from last spring (SP13) as well as this fall (FA13). Moreover, in the right hand column you can see your child’s national percentile range in the tested subjects for both SP13 and FA13.

Our teachers will also receive additional, more specific DesCartes Reports reports for their students in each of the tested subject areas. These reports can help determine what a student has learned, is currently learning and needs to learn.  The singular purpose of these assessments is to help all our students grow and reach their fullest potential. This data will not be used to rank or sort our students, nor will it be used to rank or sort our teachers. Rather it is part of an ongoing and collaborative process involving the entire HTS community (parents-teachers-students-administrators) working together to meet the diverse needs of all our students. We hope you will continue to partner with us as we strive to improve in our core mission – to help all students grow and achieve academically.

If you have any questions about this information or if you would like to discuss the potential pedagogical implications in the classroom, please contact your child’s teacher directly.


Alex Anemone

* The Language Usage assessment is administered in grades 3-8 only.


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