Four Square Writing Method, Parent’s Night Out and more…

Dear HTS Community:

Earlier this week, the Vision Council met in the Library/Media Center to learn about the Four Square Writing Method (FSWM). Two of our teachers – Jenn Baldassari and Lisa Werner – led the discussion and explained how we are teaching your children to write. The FSWM is used to help children organize their thoughts into more sophisticated paragraphs and essays. The presentation used by Mrs. Baldassari and Mrs. Werner has been posted on our website and I encourage you to review it. It will be helpful when you sit with your children and assist them with their writing assignments. These writing assignments extend across the curriculum – Science, Social Studies, Health, etc. – and are age appropriate and scale up in every successive grade. As we teach lessons aligned to the Common Core, it becomes necessary for our children to build, develop and strengthen their writing skills. Thank you to all parents who attended and thank you to our teachers for their efforts. If you have any questions about the FSWM, please contact your child’s teacher.

We hope to see you tonight at the *PTO Parent’s Night Out at the Glen Alpin House beginning at 7:30; walk-ins are encouraged. Also, tomorrow is the annual PTO Pancake Breakfast (9:00-11:00) as well as the Holiday Bazaar (9:00-2:00). Come start your holiday shopping while your children enjoy Lotte Newlin’s story time and the ‘kiddie gift shop.’ Special thanks to all PTO volunteers including:

Parent’s Night Out: Tracey Walters, Jen Flanagan, Linda Kearns and all the families who have donated food and supplies

Pancake Breakfast: Nancylee Settle

Holiday Bazaar: Susan McGratty and Kimberly Scott Brown

*Parking directions for Glen Alpin: please pull up the main driveway and park on the lawn on the left hand side (right hand side of driveway has a curb). There is also a circular drive closer to the road, pull onto the circular drive and park on the lawn facing toward the house.


Alex Anemone


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