Mid-Year Update…

Dear HTS Community:

Although our official halfway point is not for another month, the annual winter break always “feels” like we are halfway done for the year. To recap, we have had four wonderful months of school, capped by a great Winter Concert last night and are looking forward to coming back in 2014. Here is a brief, link-heavy recap of our fall:

  • We welcomed three new teachers to HTS: Kevin McPeek, Jessica Lydeka and Sarah Hinds.
  • Data, data and more data. Although we understand there is more to education than fill-in-the-bubble standardized tests, they have become a critical component of teacher evaluations and district rankings. To that end, we have updated parents on multiple occasions about our vision, our most recent scores and with a Chuck Berry-inspired analysis here. Moreover, you have read about how we are using the MAP to improve and personalize the instructional process.
  • Although we were somewhat sidetracked by a snow related early dismissal, many HTS teachers and students participated in the Hour of Code in early December. In addition to the Science Fair on February 7, HTS students are participating in STEM activities before school in the TSA and Jr.TSA as well as during the day using our new state-of-the-art 3D printer.
  • Our first ever student data dashboard was completed and sent home to parents. This dashboard provides parents with a simple and neat snapshot of their child’s progress at HTS.
  • Our Vision Council met twice in the fall – once in October to learn more about our Singapore Math (Math in Focus) program and once in December to learn more about the Four Square Writing Method that our teachers and students are using in the classroom.
  • We continued our annual guest blogger series as one of our fourth graders interviewed Dr. Lanzerotti.
  • Looking ahead in January, we have another evening PTO meeting on Thursday, January 16 (7:00-8:00pm) in the L/MC. At this meeting, HTS staff members will update the school community about our endeavors this year in the areas of social and emotional learning (SEL). We hope to see you there.


Alex Anemone


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