Intervention and Referral Services…

Dear HTS Community:

For many of our students, reaching advanced proficient levels in math and English language arts is an undemanding task. For others, there are obstacles to overcome. At HTS, we believe that all students can achieve at high levels. To further that end, there is a group of educators that meets monthly to discuss strategies to help struggling students. The Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) team consists of teachers, administrators and specialists. This team meets with classroom teachers and education specialists to develop a plan of action to help struggling students (as identified by the parents or classroom teacher) reach their fullest potential. The team meet regularly and works with the classroom teacher to monitor progress of these general education interventions. If the strategies are not successful, they can be changed based upon needs. The individual attention provided is furthered by the assignment of a “case coordinator” from the team. This person maintains contact with the teacher and will help evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies.

If you would like to learn more about this endeavor, please contact our I&RS Co-Chairs Allison Hunter or Jenn Baldassari or simply discuss with your child’s teacher(s).


Alex Anemone


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