Guest Bloggers – Culture and Climate…

Dear HTS Community,

Last spring, Harding Township School, in cooperation with the United Way of Northern New Jersey and the College of St. Elizabeth, kicked off a 3-year, school-wide Climate and Culture Initiative. Climate refers to the shared perceptions of those directly involved in the school setting.  It is the feeling, tone, or ambiance of the school. Culture refers to a deeper, long-lasting view of the school. It includes traditions, ceremonies, and physical attributes.

In May 2013, students, staff, and parents were invited to participate in a comprehensive survey to identify perceptions surrounding Climate and Culture.  The results have been calculated and shared with the Board of Education, faculty, and the students.

On January 16th, Barbara Thomas and Emily Thony, Climate and Culture co-facilitators, will present the results of the parent survey at the PTO meeting.  Please join us in the Library Media Center at 7:00pm to learn more about the Initiative and our long-term goals.  We look forward to seeing you then.


Emily Thony and Barbara Thomas, on behalf of the Climate and Culture Team



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