Budget Public Hearing – date change…

Dear HTS Community:

Two years ago, Governor Christie signed into law a bill that provided boards of education the opportunity to move the April Board of Education elections to November. To save Harding taxpayers approximately $4,000 per year, the Harding Township Board of Education voted on February 13, 2012, to move their elections to November where they would coincide with the general election. Approximately 95% of school districts have done the same. To further streamline the school budget process and make it more efficient, two weeks ago the New Jersey Department of Education released a new budget calendar for districts to follow. The new calendar provided districts with much needed time to craft their finalized budgets, work with key stakeholders and have it approved by the Board of Education and Executive County Superintendent. Moreover, the new calendar changes the date when districts have their official Public Hearing on the budget. A new revised calendar for HTS is below:

  • Public Hearing presentation: May 5 Board of Education Meeting (7:30 HTS Library/Media Center)

If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me at HTS.


Alex Anemone



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