A thousand pages, give or take a few…

Dear HTS Community:

This blog post offers special thanks to the PTO and extra special thanks to our Media Specialist, David Harris for tying two PTO grants together in an educational way. Starting with the 2012-2013 school year, the PTO fully funded the $105,000.00 Digital Learning Initiative, purchasing iPads for teachers (grades K-8) and students in the middle school (grades 5-8). This year, as part of their continuing support of the Battle of the Books, the PTO generously bought multiple sets of novels, eBooks, and for the first time, online audiobooks. These audiobooks can be accessed on any digital device, including our iPads (plus cell phones, laptops, desktops, etc.) Mr. Harris has set up a common district-wide login for students and teachers to use; that login information will be shared in a more private manner. We are hoping that the audiobooks will provide another pathway to learning as students explore diverse literature to prepare for the Battle of the Books contest coming later this spring.

Please note: tickets are still available for the Fashion Show – Saturday, April 5. We hope you can continue to support our benefactors.


Alex Anemone



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