BOE Policy 2510.1 – Use of Movies and/or Videos for Classroom Instruction…

Dear HTS Community:

Last night at the Board of Education meeting, the Board unanimously approved Policy 2510.1 – Use of Movies and/or Videos for Classroom Instruction. Once it is uploaded, it can be found on the district website under “Our District” (click on District Policies and Procedures). Highlights of the policy include:

LESS IS MORE: In general, full-length movies or television programs should not be utilized during instructional lessons. (page 4)

It is preferable that the portions of the movie or program pertinent to the objective of the lesson should be identified and utilized. (page 4)

Instructional time is precious and limited. Showing television programs, movies or other content for entertainment purposes, as a class reward, or for general “downtime” for students not directly connected to a curricular-based lesson is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the policy. (page 1)

The Board believes that instructional time is valuable and that use of video materials must enhance and contribute positively to the advancement of instructional objectives, and must not cause inefficient use of instructional time. (page 2)

There must be a stated instructional purpose in the lesson and/or unit plan for the use of video media in the classroom. (page 4)

There should be a clear purpose of the video media directly related to the instructional objectives. (page 5)

If you would like to discuss this policy in greater detail, please contact me at HTS.


Alex Anemone


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