Creative Coders…

Dear HTS Community:

Earlier this year, the HTEF approved a grant for an after school STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) program called “Creative Coders.” This grant supported two professors from local universities coming in to HTS to teach our students how to code. This endeavor was a follow-up activity inspired by our participation in the Hour of Code. The students that participated in the Creative Coders were in grades 4-5-6 and they all finished the intensive 8-week program.

Last night at the Board of Education meeting, two of our students – Skylar W. and Tia J. – presented their finished projects to the school community. They created video games using various coding strategies. Their games required participants to complete a series of challenges in a fixed amount of time, without losing their health, and while jumping on clouds, and bricks, and while throwing fireballs, and sliding down invisible (or maybe partly visible?) doors and then going underground….trust me, it all made sense seeing it live. These games were innovative, inspired and very challenging to create. Moreover, Skylar and Tia practiced their public speaking extemporaneously in front of a large crowd in the library/media center. They handled this portion of the evening with great aplomb.

Congratulations to all our coders!


Alex Anemone



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