The Arts @ HTS…

Dear HTS Community:

Last evening was the annual Spring Concert and Art Show. Our guests were treated to a wonderful evening of music, poetry, and art. Congratulations to all our musicians, artists, poets, and their teachers for an outstanding show.

Earlier this year, our music department applied for and received a grant from the HTEF for the services of award winning composer, Joseph Turrin. Mr. Turrin worked with our middle school band all year and, together, they created an original song. That song, March of Heroes debuted at the concert last evening, was recorded and is being posted on our website. One of our eighth graders, Jane T. inspired the lyrics by creating a poem that was also shared at the concert. That poem, Heroes Inside is below:

The sun breaks the midnight’s foal,
And diamonds are wrought out of coal,
So may joy be brought out of the sad?
And may good be brought out of the bad?

As a weed becomes a flower,
So may a person in an hour.
Just as night turns into morn,
A hero may be born.

Yet these heroes may not be,
Like those on comic books we see.
They have neither masks nor billowy capes
Or any supernatural strengths.

They’re no different than you or me,
Simply people that help those in need,
For heroes may be young and new.
They are reserved inside of you.

The arts are truly alive at HTS! We hope you will encourage your child to get or stay involved in the fine arts during his/her time here. The beauty of our small school is there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate and excel in these areas. We have a full complement of teachers and we offer multiple classes in multiple subjects areas with small class size. This formula (different subject areas plus outstanding teachers plus small class size) is ripe for children to thrive; it is one of the hallmarks of HTS. For example, in two concerts (afternoon and evening), we are able to feature over 20 students in instrumental or vocal solos!


Alex Anemone


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