A Cup of Coffee With Lindsey Smith…

Dear HTS Community:

We are continuing our annual summer series, “A Cup of Coffee With…” In today’s edition, we meet Lindsey Smith, HTS’ newest grade three teacher.

Why did you select teaching as your profession?

When I was young, I had many teachers that I looked up to and admired for the passion and dedication they brought to their class, each and every day. That very passion is what drove me into teaching and it’s the smiles and warm welcomes of each student every morning that make coming to school so fun and rewarding. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a child light up with excitement, when they achieve their own personal milestones and goals.

What was your favorite subject when you were in school?

My favorite subject when I was in school was Math and now is one of my most favorite subjects to teach!

What is your educational philosophy?

I believe we as teachers set standards for ourselves that go beyond what is normal; ones that reach into the deepest crevices of the unknown, in order to enrich our students with the newest, most forward thinking education possible.

I believe that every child should be challenged academically, morally, and socially. It is my duty as an educator to reach all students of all skill levels and backgrounds by first addressing the individual needs of each of my students. I will try to enrich some aspect of each students’ life every day, regardless of academic learning level.

I believe that creative lessons that probe the minds of my learners, that engage and enthrall their every movement, are a necessity for locking in the knowledge they gain.  A variety of teaching techniques displayed in the classroom will help meet the diverse needs of my students.  By using different mediums such as technology, manipulatives, group vs. individual activities, and centers, students will achieve a high level of learning that is tailored to their needs.  I plan to create meaningful lessons that captivate the minds of my students, that motivate their hunger to learn more, and that help them achieve their individual learning goals.

I believe that learning does not end in the classroom, and as an educator, I must communicate with the parents and guardians of my students to continue the learning that fuels young minds.  By inviting the parents/guardians into the classroom, a better transition between school and home can be formed, leading to a more stable learning environment. I plan to keep the parents/guardians of my students informed, involved, and engaged in their child’s educational path.

Finish this sentence, “When my students come to my class on the first day of school…”

When my students come to class on the first day of school they will be greeted with a great big smile on my face, with enthusiasm and excitement to carry them into my classroom.  It will be a wonderful day for them to get to know who I am, as well as a day for me to learn the uniqueness of each and every student.  I can’t wait!!!

Can you share one special talent or interest you have?

One special talent that I hold is my ability to sing.

Bonus:  What is your favorite book for third grade students to read?

There are many books that I like for third grade students to read.  One of my most favorite books for third grade students is called Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wishes.  I enjoy reading this book to students because it really makes the students think and believe that anything is possible throughout their lives.  There is wonderful writer’s craft throughout this book, with motivational quotes that inspire readers to learn and grow.