Happy Labor Day…

Dear HTS Community:

As our students return to HTS this September, they will notice many positive changes in both buildings.

  • The classroom Smartboards have been upgraded and are ready to be used to augment the teaching and learning process. These state of the art devices cost roughly $75,000.00 and were fully funded by the PTO (Elementary School) and HTEF (Middle School) at no cost to the Harding taxpayers!
  • Outside the Middle School, the HTEF-sponsored Bricks Project has been completed and our school community can enjoy a beautiful new entrance to that building. This was also completed at no cost to the Harding taxpayers! Special thanks to project managers Howard Kotkin and Jean Rhee (HTEF) and Peter Finkle (The Environmental Approach) for their efforts. If you forgot to order a brick for your family last winter, we will have a short window of opportunity for you to place an order and secure your family’s place in the HTS Walk of Fame. Please be on the lookout for the bricks order form early this fall.
  • As part of our ongoing security initiative, we have installed two new interior security doors in the elementary school. These doors will create a “man trap” and funnel all visitors to the main office in that building.
  • The second half of the Elementary School windows and unit-ventilators project is nearing completion. We have installed energy efficient windows and unit-ventilators in the entire elementary building over the last two summers. The most recent project was completed with a ROD (Regular Operating District) Grant from the State. This grant pays for 40% of the project and leaves the local share at only 60%.
  • New desktop computers and laptop computers have been ordered and installed and are ready to use. These PARCC-ready devices will be used by our students and teachers from the first day of school.

Teachers return to HTS on Tuesday and students return for the first day of school on Thursday, September 4. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.


Alex Anemone


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