Giving Thanks @ HTS…

Dear HTS Community:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you enjoy some turkey, some football and some time off with your families. Below, we have a guest blogger – 8th grader Lauren D.

What HTS Means to Me

Harding Township School. It holds many different memories and has different meanings to different people. To me, HTS is like a second home. It holds so many fond memories and because of HTS I have met many amazing people that mean a lot to me. I have experienced great things at HTS and I have had so many great memories that I will always remember.

First, HTS is nestled in the small town of New Vernon which is home to just over 3,200 residents. Since it is smaller compared to other schools in the surrounding areas, Harding Township School allows students to get very close to their classmates and create strong bonds with each other. Many students have been together since preschool and are the best of friends. This is not true in my case, since I arrived back in 2011 when I was in 5th grade. Although I haven’t been here the longest, this school still holds a lot of fond memories. I remember the fifth grade trip to the Buehler Space Museum when we got to perform small tasks for jobs in order to “land” on the moon successfully. I remember going to the gift shop and buying astronaut ice cream and rock candy and everyone got to sit outside in the foggy weather waiting for the bus to come pick us up. I remember the sixth grade trip to the Bronx Zoo with all the amazing animal exhibits. It was a very hot day and we had to walk a lot to get to different exhibits but I wouldn’t change a thing because it was such a great experience with all my friends. I remember going on the seventh grade trip last year to the Metropolitan Museum in New York with the exquisite pieces of art and the life-like sculptures. To me, Harding Township School is a place of learning along with a place to let loose and have fun with your friends.
Since the school is home to a close knit community, the students are also very close with the teachers. Students are able to talk to their teachers one-on-one for extra help or whenever they need to talk which allows the students to develop a great respect for their teachers. This is a great quality of the school because it allows the students to become close to their teachers instead of only knowing them in the classroom. This is something not usually available at bigger schools which makes HTS even better. The teachers here make learning fun. I love playing fun games like “Green Glass Doors” or Vocabulary Games on the Smartboard in Ms. Poole’s class, Jeopardy and Bingo in Mr. Hoffman’s class, and Quizball in Dr. G’s class because they make learning a lot more fun than just reading out of a book.
For a small school, the campus is actually quite large. From the endless games out on the field to playing knockout on the basketball court to even just sitting and talking to your friends at a lunch table under the large trees that are spotted all around the campus, the landscape helps students take time to relax during recess after working hard in their morning classes. Recess is the best time for students to take a break, and talk and enjoy their friends’ company. I will always remember sitting under the oak tree and swinging on the swings with my friends.
At the end of the year, the beloved and well known Field Day is held and causes all of the students to have major school spirit. Everyone enjoys themselves while taking part in many of the varieties of activities held by the teachers and parent volunteers. It boosts the school morale for the final days of the school year. The “Tug of War,” one of the main events, is loved by all the students. All of the different grades have their own tug of war matches where the teams are divided into the Blue and White team. Students try to win matches of tug of war to gain points and try to win the title of the winner of that year’s Field Day. After each grade faces off, the final match is between the 8th graders and the teachers, but this is only for fun (ed note: the staff plays to win). The Tug of War is always a great event and one of the best parts of Field Day.
Along with being competitive during Field Day, the entire middle school takes part in another competitive group of games: the “House Events”. This group of events are games where the students are put into either the “Spartans” or the “Olympians” and they try to win the title of the “House Champion” by the end of the year. The goal is to gain the most points by winning House Events.Throughout the year, House Events are held to boost the students’ and teachers’ moral and to allow students to gain points for their House. By the end of the year, the House with the greatest number of points wins. These competitions are great for boosting school spirit and allowing students to be competitive. The “House Events” are something that makes our school unique and it also shows the students that hard work pays off.
When I leave HTS next year and go on to high school, I will always remember how amazing this school is and how much I have grown as a person just by attending this school. I will remember back in fifth grade at the end of the year in Mrs. Galdeiri’s room when we signed each other’s yearbooks. That year I was really scared of not fitting in and being alone. I didn’t know what to expect and I really wanted to make friends but didn’t really know how. Despite my doubts, everyone welcomed me in and I became a part of the family here at HTS pretty fast. On my first day, I made a terrible first impression by going to the classroom instead of the cafeteria where I was supposed to be. When I finally arrived in the cafeteria, I walked through the door to find 40 new faces staring at me in wonder. I instantly got very nervous and all I wanted to do was make a good first impression. Luckily, the kids at our school were a lot kinder than I thought they would be and I fit in. I will always remember that first day and all of my amazing people I have met and gotten to know in the last three years because of HTS.
To me, Harding Township School is a place of fond memories where students can create great friendships with other students and their teachers while also learning and competing in different competitions. Because of this school, I have made many strong friendships that will last a long time. Harding Township School allows students to grow up into bright high school students ready for the world around them and their lives ahead of them. It allows us to study hard and to learn a lot while also letting us have fun with our friends and enjoy ourselves. Harding Township School is the home of a great family of students that are set to grow up into great people that will someday lead great lives and make the world into a better place.


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