Vision Council – Wednesday, December 10 8:30-9:30am

“Math is like going to the gym for your brain. It sharpens your mind.” – Danica McKellar
Wednesday morning, immediately after drop off, the Vision Council will meet in the library/media center to discuss HTS’ transition to the PARCC – the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. The PARCC will be completed in March/April and again in May by all HTS students in grades 3-8 and replaces the NJASK. As mentioned previously on this blog, the PARCC promises to be a more challenging and demanding assessment. Two of our expert math teachers – Mrs. Englesman and Ms. Hunter – will be at our Vision Council meeting to discuss some of the strategies we are using to prepare our students as well as provide parents with some “helpful hints” about how they can help their child at home. Below are two sample math questions – one for elementary students (and parents) and one for middle school students (and parents). Bring your correct answer to the Vision Council and receive a prize!

Ms. Morales has a bag of beads.
She gives Elena 5 beads
She gives Damian 8 more beads than Elena
She gives Trish 4 times as many beads as Damian.
Ms. Morales then has 10 beads left in the bag.
How many beads did Damian and Trish each receive? Show or explain how you arrived at each answer.
How many beads were in Ms. Morales’ bag before any beads were given to students? Show or explain your work.
Mr. Ruiz is starting a marching band at his school. He first does research and finds the following data about other local marching bands.

Band 1 has 123 Brass Instrument Players and 41 Percussion Instrument Players

Band 2 has 42 Brass Instrument Players and 14 Percussion Instrument Players

Band 3 has 150 Brass Instrument Players and 50 Percussion Instrument Players

PART A: How many Brass Instrument Players are there per Percussion Player? Show or explain your work.
PART B: Mr. Ruiz has 210 students who are interested in joining the marching band. He decides to have 80% of the band be made up of percussion and brass instruments. Use the unit rate you found in PART A to determine how many students should play brass instruments. Show or explain all your steps.


Good Luck and I hope to see you this Wednesday, December 10 at 8:30am in the Middle School Library/Media Center.


Alex Anemone


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