HTS, HTEF, and Columbia University…

Dear HTS Community,

Columbia University Graduate School of Education, commonly called Teachers College, offers a cutting-edge language arts program called The Reading and Writing Project (TRWP). Over the summer months, our staff wrote a $10,000 grant to the HTEF for staff development. Experts from Teachers College have been to HTS on multiple occasions to train staff in TRWP and our teachers have been implementing this program since September. TRWP empowers young writers to develop an approach to writing that is personal, and consists of best practices as recognized by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as well as many education experts. Students’ work is self-selected and develops from a “seed idea” into a high-quality published work. As a result, our students’ writing has increased in both depth as well as breadth. Please note, this generous grant is in addition to our “perennial grants” such as Shakespeare Residency ($10,000), Circus Yoga ($6,000), Books @ Play ($6,000), Project BABES ($3,000), Art Department Grant ($4,000) and many others including the second half of the Sound and Lighting System Upgrades ($32,000) to the Matthew C. Sellitto Gymnasium and the Leveled Classroom Libraries ($25,000). These grants, combined with the SmartBoards ($47,000) and the Middle School Bricks Project ($25,000) totaled approximately $160,000.00 over the past twelve months!

Please join me in thanking the HTEF for their donations and, on behalf of the staff and students, we hope you will all continue to support their fundraising endeavors in the future.



Alex Anemone


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