Break a Leg…

Dear HTS Community,

Last night at the Board of Education meeting, the Board unanimously approved the creation of a new co-curricular activity for the 2015-2016 school year. Students in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to participate in an Elementary School Play during the late fall/early winter. More information will be forthcoming when students return to HTS in September.

This endeavor emerged as a grass-roots proposal from a quartet of grade three students – Allie, Payton, Jocelyn, and Teresa. These girls discussed this idea within their culture and climate groups during their advisory period earlier this school year. They first presented this idea to their teachers and their principal and ultimately approached the superintendent and presented their case at a public Board of Education meeting. I am thrilled that our students will have an additional opportunity to perform on stage and hope you will all continue to support the arts at HTS.

Congratulations to all HTS students and break a leg!


Alex Anemone